Chemistry A/L Practical videos from University of Sri Jayewardenpura

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Chemistry Society of University of Sri Jayewardenepura has produced good quality videos for GCE Advanced Level students. Practicals and theoretical basis of each practical are explained in these YouTube videos.

Titations – අනුමාපන

D block elements – D ගොනුවේ මුල ද්රව්ය

Indicators – දර්ශක

Electorchemistry – විද්යුත් රසායනය

Lasaign Test – ලැසෙන් පරික්ෂාව

Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen – ජලයේ දියවූ ඔක්සිජන් ප්රමාණය නිර්ණය

N content of Urea fertilizer

Hardness of water – කටින ජලය මෘදු කිරීම

[sws_blockquote align=”left” alignment=”alignleft” quotestyles=”style03″] You may also like to watch A/L Inorganic Chemistry seminar (Video) by Prof S P Deraniyagala [/sws_blockquote]



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