Five tips for selecting a good English course in Sri Lanka

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English is the international language. There are many English courses in Sri Lanka. Here are the five tips for selecting a great English course in Sri Lanka.

1).Qualifications of the teacher

The student should find out the qualifications of the teacher. Here are the main qualifications of a great teacher,
• The teacher should be able to control the language.
There are some teachers who cannot control the language proper. Because they think that teaching English is only teaching the grammar. Then they teach only the grammar not English.
• Teacher should be able to teach vary simply and the student should be able to understand the things which the teacher teaches.
• The teacher should be qualified with a degree or with a diploma of an accepted university or an institute.
2).Teaching methodology and the content of the course.
The teacher should have a master plan to achieve the competency levels of the students and he should be able to give the plan to the student.

3). Four practices.

To achieve the competency levels of speaking and understanding of a language, the student has to practice 4 things.
Because some teachers think that teaching English is only teaching grammar. With grammar the class should be completed with above practices. If the teacher provides the master plan of practicing them, it is a good English class.

4).Develop the personality of the student

The students should have a great personality to control English language in a public place because of the nerves. The teacher should have a master plan to enrich the self confidence of the student and it should be able to get to the student. If there are personality development activities and other psychological practices of the course unit it is an interesting and very important English class. Without the self confidence English is not able to speak. The classes which develop the personality and the self confidence are the classes that make good speakers.

5).Protect the cultural identification of the students.

Each and every student has a culture and a cultural identification. Learning and be able to speak English is not changing the culture. Each and every student is able to protect the culture although after learning English. The English institutions which help to protect the cultural identification of the student are good institutions.
They are the five factors of a good English course.

Here are most popular institutions for English language.

If you study English in British Council you can have UK qualification for your studies. The certificate you receive is accepted around the world by universities and employers.
The examinations in British council
Opening hours at Colombo,
Tuesday to Saturday
Opening hours at Kandy,
Tuesday to Saturday

Country Examinations Manager,
British Council,
49, Alfred House Gardens,
Colombo 03.

• Certificate in English for Business
This course is suitable for the people who need to enhance English skills that they need to work. Pass G.C.E (O/L) examination is an admission Requirement. The duration is 3 months. The classes will be held on Sunday 01.00 p.m – 10.00 a.m
Registration RS 250/=
Course Fee Rs 5, 000/= + VAT & Other Taxes(15%)
• English as a subject as G.C.E (A/L)
This is for the students who wish to sit for the A/L examination. Passed O/L is a requirement. Time duration for this is 2 years. The classes will be held on Saturday 01.00 p.m to 05.00 p.m.
Registration RS 250/=
Course Fee Rs 3, 000/= + VAT & Other Taxes(15%) per term – 10 weeks
• Advance certificate in English for business
This course is for the students who need to improve their knowledge in English for Business Administration. Passed G.C.E (O/L) examination is a requirement. The duration is six months. The classes will be held on Sunday 8. 00 a.m – 10.00 a.m and Saturday 01.00 p.m – 05.00 p.m
Registration RS 250/=
Course Fee Rs 7, 500/= + VAT & Other Taxes(15%)
Tel – +94112694014/15, +94114616311, +94114618689
Fax – +94112678463
Fax – +9411 2678463



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