MLT Medical Laboratory Technician study opportunities in Sri Lanka

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There are few ways to become a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) in Sri Lanka. In this post, we direct you to find correct path to follow Medical Laboratory Technician education.

Medical laboratory technicians perform routine laboratory procedures on blood, tissue, and other body fluids using instruments such as microscopes, chemicals, computers, and complex laboratory equipment. Medical laboratory technicians can specialize in one of five different areas: blood banking, chemistry, hematology, immunology, or microbiology.

Univesity degress in MLT

University of Peradeniya, University of Sri jayewardenapura, University of Ruhuna and University of Jaffna also conduct B.Sc Medical Laboratory Science degree programmes offers a B.Sc in Medical laboratory sciences where the students will be specialized not just as technicians rather as scientists as you will get a BSc degree in MLT. Students who have good Z-scores  from the G.C.E. A/L exam in biological science stream are eligible for this degree and should follow three years of study at the university. Each student will have the privilege for an internship in order to fulfill their practical aspects.

School of Medical Laboratory Technology Colombo, Sri Lanka

School of Medical Laboratory Technology Colombo, Sri Lanka attached to Medical Research Institute (MRI), Sri Lanka is the other governmental body that provides MLT training in professional aspects. Selecting through following procedure, MRI will train technologists to cater both national and international Medical researcher needs.

  • The recruitment of students to the school is in accordance with the approved scheme laid down by the Department of Health services, Sri Lanka
  • Should have passed the G.C.E. (A.L.) examination with a credit pass in Chemistry.
  • Should have passed English language at G.C.E. (O.L.) examination

Students who follow MLT training should study

  1.   Laboratory Management & Histopathology
  2.   Haematology & Blood Bank serology
  3.   Medical Microbiology
  4.   Parasitology & Medical Entomology
  5.   Chemical Pathology

Medi Lab Technicians produced by MRI will then released to the local and international health labour to fulfill country’s medical research assistance and contribution.
School of Medical Laboratory Technology
National Institute of Health Sciences also conducts MLT courses

Private Institutes

Apart from the governmental way there are some good private institutional ways to be a MLT. PATHE academy provides HND opportunities for students who wish to be a MLT even recognized highly in the field. Lab technicians, assistant MLT’s in service with no theoretical knowledge, A/L students seeking a career in the health care service, or any person in the healthcare service looking for career development are eligible for this course. Pass of 03 A/L subjects in one sitting with a pass in chemistry or an aggregate of not less than 30% in  A/L . However the prospective students will have to maintain a 80 % attendance rate and undergo 960 hrs of internship to be qualified to receive the Higher National Diploma in M.L.T (HND in MLT)

Describing their aims and objectives PATHE says,

The prime focus of the programme is to prepare professionals in keeping pace with the demand of the healthcare sector labour market. We, in consultation with the Private Medical Hospitals Association, NAITA, PHSRC and other private & government healthcare organizations keep in touch with the developments in order to offer better programme standards & employment opportunities.

For the PATHE, you have to pay 84,400 LKR for the total course of 26 months which consists both academic and internship programs.

Many other private institutes also provide good opportunities to the local students to gain academic and professional experience as Medical Laboratory Technicians.

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