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Learn English in Sri Lanka – select classes and courses

Learning English is and investment for grasping the new world. English as the most abundant international or the link language in the world gives the prestige to people around the world in learning it. In Sri Lanka there are many ways and aspects can be found in English education. English as a language, English as a second language, literature studies, elocution, UK or USA based courses, home tuition, spoken English, English for international examinations such as IELTS and TOFEL, business English, and professional English are some of such ways and aspects of English education in Sri Lanka. English medium education catered in both government and private schools can also be taken in to the account. Intention of this post is to identify some of such English learning opportunities that might help you in selecting your way and mode of English education.

In Sri Lanka the standard and internationally recognized way of English learning is through the British Council. Keeping direct contact with its administrative bodies in UK, BC cater different types of English courses for the students form primary level to the advanced levels. Primary young learners, senior young learners, teenagers and junior young learners are the four major course levels offered by the British Council. Yet it has higher standards, the course fees are even bit higher where 18,500 LKR needed to pay per one term for a four termed course level. All the courses can be followed either at Colombo branch or at Kandy.

The other popular place to learn English in Sri Lanka is Aquinas Institute. Located within the city limits of Colombo, it caters different types of English learning opportunities for a reasonable price.  English as a Subject at G.C.E (A/L), Advanced Certificate in English for Business, Certificate in English for Business are some of courses available at Aquinas. Less than 10,000LKR you can complete any course in three, four or six months consecutively. Aquinas is also considered as one of the oldest institutes in Sri Lanka for English learning and many other study areas, which is now considered not just as an institute but a reputed private university.

BCIS, Bandaranayke Center of International Studies is also providing good English courses for you for affordable prices. Under its language teaching program it offers a 100 hours English language program for anyone who keen in studying this international language.

University of Colombo has a well recognized English language study courses for both academics and professionals. Institute of Human Resource Advancement (IHRA), University of Colombo, offers English Language certificate course and English certificate course for teachers. ELTU; English Language Teaching Unit affiliated to the Department of English also conduct these courses as part time diplomas during weekends. Most of Sri Lanka’s professionals and others tend to follow these courses as they fulfill their survival in the internationalized modern day world. If you are interested in governmental mode of English education you might follow this way.

IEM- Institute of English Maharagama is also a reputed institute for English language learning. Dr. Kithsiri Jayasuriya as the founder and the present director of the institute has been introduced a monthly basis payment method to the students to overcome the bulk paying issue. Therefore students who study in IEM will get the prestige of attending classes without a pressure of a large sum of money. Though it is flexible in payments it has never being lost its reputation or the recognition among students. Grade parallel classes, English literature classes and diploma classes are available in IEM.

Apart from these pioneer institutions Susil Nanayakkara, Pujitha Wijesinghe, Noelin Hunter, Rathna Wijethunga, and many others are also conducting private institutions for learning English in Sri Lanka. Focusing mainly on spoken and the elocution paradigms of the language these institutions assist hundreds and thousands of students to improve their English. Home tuition, group tuition, night tuition, are some of the other minor but rather effective ways of learning English here.

Even though above all methods are said to be the best ways of learning English, there is one other way that you might use which will be the best and economic way of learning such language. Because it is a language, it has to be practiced by own. Therefore self learning is much essential even while studying at an institute. Reading English books, novels, newspapers, watching and listening to English news, watching English movies, following good speech accents, talk to friends and family and moreover being with the language is more worth.

Following table will overview some pioneering English learning institutes in Sri Lanka, their course details and costs which might help you in finding the best way for you.


Advanced Certificate in English For Business

For students who intend to improve their knowledge in English for Business Administration.

6 Months

Registration RS 250/=

Course Fee Rs 7, 500/= + VAT & Other Taxes(15%)

Certificate in English For Business

The certificate course is for anyone who wants to improve the English skills that they need at work

3 Months


Course Fee Rs 5, 000/= + VAT & Other Taxes(15%)

English as a Subject at G.C.E (A/L)

G.C.E (A/L) Students or those who wish to improve their knowledge of English

Two years / Four Terms per year ( 10 weeks per term )

Registration RS 250/=

Course Fee Rs 3, 000/= + VAT & Other Taxes(15%) per term – 10 weeks

BCIS- Bandaranayke center for International Studies

100 hour English language program



Course fee ( non refundable)* Rs.9,000/- + (Registration fee 1,000/- )

British Council

Primary young learners

Children aged between 6 and 7.

4 terms (Kandy and Colombo)

18,500LKR per term

Junior young learners

Children aged between 8 and 10

4 terms (Kandy and Colombo)

18,500LKR per term

Senior young learners

Children aged between 10 and 13

4 terms (Kandy and Colombo)

18,500LKR per term


Children aged between fourteen and fifteen

4 terms (Kandy and Colombo)

18,500LKR per term

IEM- Maharagama

(Dr. Kithsiri Jayasuriya)

Grade 01- 05


Monthly basis

800LKR per month

Grade 6- 13


Monthly basis

750LKR per month

Literature classes


Monthly basis

750LKR per month

Diploma in English


Monthly basis

700LKR per month

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shareefa21:44 March 11, 2014

Will I be able to do a English Teaching course ?

shareefa21:42 March 11, 2014

Hi I live in dubai and I have done my schooling till grade 4 in srilanka. And continued grade 4 again in dubai in english medium, I did my O/L and I had failed in 3 subjects but I have got B in English ,I don’t know whether I will be able to a course in srilanka? Can u plz post a comment which will help me, thank U.. could u plz send a email..

francis12:24 November 20, 2013

i need to do English for Business Administration distance course plz help me how apply

madu06:49 October 3, 2013

sir please give me the phone number of the pujitha wijesinha sir

Dhafer almarri03:13 July 8, 2013

I want to study general English course for 2 months+ hostel

studentlanka06:53 February 6, 2013

Free classes in Business English for school leavers
Sunday Times Local Industry News – 3-Feb-2013

Romayne Diasz conducts Free classes in Business English for school leavers at the Job training Academy at the Methodist Central Building Col. 03.
The following are some of the Syllabus she conducts without charges. Letter writing, Dictation/Spelling, Antonyms & Synonyms Essays, Dialogues & Foreign Expressions to name a few.
Romayne is the Course Moderator and has the following awards to her Credit. – Ms. Talent 1988/89, Secretary of the Year 1989/90 & Toastmaster of the Year 1997. The qualities for leadership hidden in a person, can be revealed, developed and made available for use through her training course. She trains students to read, write listen and speak Effective English during the course. The Academy is located at 252, AI/I 252 AI/2 Methodist Central Bldg. Colpetty.

Hiran20:44 January 22, 2013

Sorry we couldn’t locate IEM telephone number. Dr Kithsiri Jayasooriya’s facebook page is here

kanishka15:50 January 22, 2013

sir,please give me the phone number of IEM-Maharagama

[...] Learning English can open many doors for you whether it is furthering your education by going for more school or new job opportunities.  The British Council, Sri Lanka offers many courses that help school children and young adults to study and learn the English language.  They also help with understanding English grammar, pronunciation, and to expand your English vocabulary. They also have   classes for IELTS Preparation. [...]

Hiran21:49 October 18, 2011

Mr. Pujitha Wijesinghe is also one of the very popular English tuition teacher, attracting large crowds to his classes.

Lakmini09:46 October 18, 2011

How is Pujitha Wijesinghe sir for english?

Geeth06:51 October 17, 2011

Kithsiri Jayasooriya sir is the best English teacher in Sri Lanka

hasithaperera16:34 October 11, 2011

කොළඹ විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයේ විද්‍යා පීඨයේ සිසුන් විසින් සාමාන්‍ය පෙළ ගණිතය නිවසට පැමිණ උගන්වයි. සියළු නිබන්ධන සහිතයි.සිංහල මාධ්‍ය කොළඹ අවටින්
විමසීම් :හසිත 0772202095

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