Private IT degrees in Sri Lanka – Cost and study options

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In Sri Lanka there are many ways to get an IT degree. Best opportunities are ready to be provided by several national and international educational institutions around the country. In this post we suggest some of the degrees and such institutions that you might consider when selecting an IT degree.

The most economic way of doing an IT or computer science degree is to enter degree courses at a National University. UCSC (University of Colombo School of Computing) is the most popular option if you have obtained good Z score in local Advanced Level examination in physical science stream. University of Moratuwa has reputable computer engineering coursers for physical science students and even other students can enter their IT courses after an aptitude test. Other universities (Sri Jayewardenepura, Kelaniya etc.) also have IT and computer science degrees.

However if you do not fulfill the entry requirements to above government universities, and still you keen studying IT as your tertiary education then you might turn yourself in to following private institutions.

SLIIT, NIBM, IIT, ICBT, ANU, RI, IDM, and APIIT are some of such major institutes which cater IT degrees to the local students. Most of them are affiliated with reputed foreign universities where you can get an internationally recognized degree locally. You can either follow the full degree locally or can go abroad for completion. However as they are private institutions you might also need to know whether they suit to your budget or not. Therefore their fees and course costs along with the degrees provided given below might led you to the correct choice.

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Loading... As most of these institutes are affiliated with foreign universities from countries mainly such as UK, USA and Australia, their fees and costs are bit higher when compared with other local courses. SLIIT (Sri Lanka Institute for Information Technology) cater B.Sc (Honors) four year degrees in IT for approximately 656,000 LKR, where you can either travel to the partner university for last two years or complete the whole degree locally. This cost will cover all tuition, examination, library and computer laboratory facilities etc. In this partnership program you might select the university Australian, Canadian or any other Pacific University or Edexel- collaborated UK University according to your choice. If you are satisfied with only two academic years then you can quit the SLIIT degree with a Higher National Diploma or National certificate from one year.

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Loading... As SLIIT, IDM is also catering IT degrees directly collaborated with UK universities such as University of Greenwich, University of Wolverhampton, while conducting classes for the BIT external degree offered by University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Basically you have to pay nearly £1200 (2,14,000 LKR) for registration with the Partner University and then 173,000 LKR as the annual course fee. Most interestingly you will be able to pay the course fee in eleven installments, 12,750 LKR each, which can be considered as a simple plan to the student. IDM also a good place to study BCS, which is also considered a very good degree equivalent qualification.

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Loading... Installment payment facility is also available in APIIT, where you can pay each year course fee in either three installments or in 12 installments for the IT degrees you follow with them. APIIT provides good IT degrees in different fields such as Computing ScienceSoftware Engineering awarded by Staffordshire University, United Kingdom, and you can easily get an internationally recognized UK degree at home for a reasonable prize. First two years of the degree APIIT charges a sum of 450,000 LKR for each year and  234,000 LKR for the last academic year. Additional costs such as 30,000 LKR of a registration fee and a library fee of 20,000 LKR will also need to be paid. However the academic standards might demonstrate the same as other reputed national and international universities where students can keep the faith on the money they spend.

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Loading... NIBM provides a two year bachelors degree and a four year honors degree for IT, where students can study only locally yet the degree will be  all the way from its Partner University; University College Dublin, Ireland. This is not a direct IT degree, but a B.Sc in Management Information Systems which will cost you 520,000 LKR (Course fee) + 2000 LKR (registration fee).

ANU -American National University

ANU is one of the international university bodies located locally to cater thousands of Sri Lankan students, while guiding them to a respectful USA IT degree. Typically following the American way ANU offers 3 semesters per one academic year, unlike in other local or internationally affiliated institutions based in the country. For first three years of study, students should pay approximately 646,000 LKR for each year and only 215,000 LKR for the final year.

There are many other institutions found, that offer IT / Computer degrees and diplomas around the country such as Informatics Institute of Technology – IIT, Royal Institute, Singapore Informatics and etc.

Informatics Institute of Technology – IIT
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ESOFT Metro Campus
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Moreover these above institutions does not limit to provide bachelor’s degrees, where they also cater good Master’s degrees, National Certificate courses, Higher National Diplomas and other short term courses as well.

Therefore we hope this post might lead you to a new dimension of IT studying in Sri Lanka.

We have compiled a table giving you summary of these IT degrees and tuition fees.

Institute Course name Length of study Numbers of Semesters Affiliation Total cost
SLIIT B.Sc (Honors) 3 years/

4 years

8 UK, Australia,

Canada Universities

82,000*8= 656,000 LKR
ANU B.Sc (Honors) 3years/ 4years 12 USA 1st year- 646,000 LKR
2nd year-   646,000 LKR
3rd year- 646,000 LKR
4th year- 215,000 LKR
NIBM B.Sc- Management Information Systems (UK Affiliated) 2years 4 University College   Dublin- Ireland 520,000+ 2000 LKR
B.Sc Management Systems (Honors) 4years 8` UGC Approved 500,000+ 2000 LKR
IDM B.Sc (Honors) 4years 8 Buckinghamshire University UK

University of Greenwich

£ 1200- Registration fee

170,000 LKR
(Monthly installments- 15,750* 11)

APIIT (Honors) 3years 6 UK, Australia Universities Registration- 30,000LKRLibrary deposit- 20,000LKR
C- 1st year- 456,000LKR
I-2nd year-   456,000LKR
H- 3rd year- 456,000LKR
IIT Informatics B.Sc 4years 8 Metropolitan University 1,000,000 LKR

Information is collected by contacting each Institute as posing a prospective student in during September 2011.

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    I did GCE A/L in Bio stream and now I follow B Sc (Hons) Software Engineering degree programme is offered by NSBM in collaboration with Plymouth University, UK. Lectures are conducted by UK lecturers and you get the UK degree. I is a very good course.

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