International Schools in Sri Lanka

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In addition to government schools, there are International and Private schools in Sri Lanka. International Schools charge fees and they have separate curriculum and education is usually in English medium.

International Schools are popular among families who want their children to study in English medium, possible with a view to continuing their studies overseas. Some parents have to put their child in a private school when they are not selected to a popular government school.

Curriculum and Teaching
Most international schools teach according to British national curriculum ending in GCE Ordinary level and Advanced level examinations administered through various examination bodies in United Kingdom, such as London or Cambridge. Some offer UK-based GCSE system of assessment for for O/L students and some offer International Baccalaureate (IB) system. Some schools teach some parts of Sri Lankan national curriculum and many schools offer Sihnala or Tamil as second language. Different schools follow different types of curricula, some of the curricula are designed internally by school authorities. These schools do not provide knowledge relevant to national needs but they provide opportunities to enter a new world globally and may secure good employment. Students from these schools cannot enter the government-funded Universities with their qualifications. However if the students sit for government local A/L examination then they are also eligible to free University education in the country.

Many schools have traditional teacher-led approach, especially even in very young ages children are forced to learn heavy subject contents. These schools aim at teaching to help pass examinations, so they can claim that they produce students with best grades. However some sholls offer student-oriented inquiry based teaching methodologies.

Many popular intentional schools charge very high enrollment fees and tuition fees are also very high, especially when they are in Advanced Level classes. Also look for other hidden costs, as some of these places are established to earn huge profits.

Facilities and Quality
Some schools have excellent in-house facilities for extra-curricular activities, while others require children to travel to sports facilities in school buses. Quality of education and teaching also vary. Many teachers do not have any teacher training and many teachers do not have proper knowledge in education Psychology.  International schools are registered under the Companies Act, and there is no government or private sector authority to monitor quality of these Institutes.

List of some International Schools in Colombo:

Colombo International School
The Overseas School Colombo
Gateway college
Asian International School
Elizabeth moir international,
Stafford international
Belvoir college international
Wycherley International School
Louvre International, Nugegoda
Lyceum International School
Royal Institute International School of Higher Education
Vidura College – Based on National English Medium Curriculum
Alethea International School-col
American International School
Amal International School
Asian International School
Belvoir College International
Buddhist Ladies College International
The British School in Colombo
Colombo South International College
Elizabeth Moir School
Gateway College, Colombo
J.M.C. International School
The Overseas School of Colombo
Oxford College International
Rotary International School
Royal Institute,
Stafford International School
St. Nicholas’ International School

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    Which international school is teach best national curriculam in colombo

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    If you send girls to these schools, they will become a good prostitutes after passing out the school, also they will come to know how to lift skirts to rich guys.

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