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In Sri Lanka there are only few ways to become a Chartered Architect. As many professions, architecture has its professional standards. University of Moratuwa and City School of Architecture are the only two possible ways to be an architect in Sri Lanka. After receiving the degree from any of above institutions, it is essential to acquire the Charter by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architecture to practice individually and perform institutionally.

University of Moratuwa provides the opportunity for over hundred students every year to follow the architecture courses; specializing architecture/ built environment or design. Students fulfill required academic qualifications in G.C.E.A/L exam, will be directed to a placement test and then selected for the course. Each student has to follow seven years of academic study consisted both Bachelors (B.Sc) and Master’s degrees (M.Sc). Then they have to consult the Sri Lanka Chartered Institute of Architecture (SLIA), for their charter where they have to spend nearly 30,000 LKR for completion. However they would be able to work under the supervision of any charted architect from their 3rd academic year in university and till they receive the charter or even after that. Most of the Sri Lankan architects who receive this particular efficacy are tend to work independently as they can perform their own creativity and the innovativeness.

Yet there are limited spaces provided from the government body for the architectural studies, some more positions are also available at City School of Architecture (CSA). Though it is a private institution the standards, and the responsibility are not have been declined and inevitably represents a higher national institutional body which empowers the country’s reputation. Same as in University of Moratuwa, students at CSA has to follow seven years of full time education in completion degree requirements. Similar assessment methods and training possibilities are also available as found in the university. After seven years of academic education at CSA the students may eligible to follow the chartered examination for architects which might allow them to practice on their own.

Both institutions have theoretical and practical aspects where students could either select their carrier as a professional architect or as an academic who explore the theories behind the bricks.

University of Moratuwa also provides M.phill and Ph.D degrees for students and charted architects who wish to follow their higher studies in Sri Lanka, thus CSA offers some higher national and advanced certificate diplomas in architecture.

University of Moratuwa- B.Sc (Architecture)

Course details- B.Sc (Architecture/ Built environment)
B.Sc (Design architecture)
Course duration- 5 years fulltime (B.Sc)

2 years fulltime (M.Sc)

No of students selected- 105 every year
55 for built environment and 50 for design
* After completion of the B.Sc and M.Sc it is essential to get the charter form SLIA

• At least one simple pass for biology, arts, chemistry, physics, geography, higher mathematics or combined mathematics in G.C.E A/L examination.
• Simple passes for any other subject/ subjects.
• At least a simple pass for G.C.E. O/L English and Mathematics.
• Should pass the placement test exerted by University of Moratuwa.

Colombo School of Architecture (CSA)

Course details- B.Sc (Architecture)
Course duration- 7years (Part time)

SLIA Professional Practice Examination – Part I
Duration: 4 Years (Part Time)
GCE A/L Sri Lanka or equivalent – 3 Passes
Pass in GCE O/L in one sitting with Credit Passes in Mathematics & English
Pass the Aptitude Test & Interview conducted by the Board of Management – CSA

SLIA Professional Practice Examination – Part II
Duration: 3 Years (Part Time)
Pass the SLIA Part I Examination or B.Sc (Built Environment) Degree from University of Moratuwa or equivalent.
One year work experience under a Chartered Architect.
Course fee- Approximately 225,000 LKR per year + VAT

For Details Contact
Colombo School of Architecture (CSA)
Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
120/7, Vidya Mawatha,
Colombo 07, SRI LANKA.
Tel: 00 94 11 2697109, 00 94 11 2691710, 00 94 112682472, Fax: 00 94 11 2682757

Chartered examination for Architects

*Each student from CSA or University of Moratuwa should follow this examination for acquire the valid authority to perform individually.
Entry requirement- Valid degree qualification either from t he university or CSA
Course fee- 30,000 LKR
Counseling fee per annum- 6,000 LKR

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