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Free e-books pdf downloads

Internet contains free knowledge.

Internet Archives is one such site. Some of the free pdf articles in the site includes: How to be creative?, How to become the best in the world?, 100 Ways to Kill a Concept: Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down

CustomGuide has released some Quick Reference Guides for Microsoft, Mac and Adobe products. These printable quick references are free to use, distribute, and share!

MIT OpenCourseWare | MIT OpenCourseWare contains free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.



Poorna07:55 September 29, 2010

Thumb up for the great effort…..

kaleel.m.sareerfdeen04:32 August 15, 2010


Ruban Vasagar11:37 March 29, 2010

do you want any pdf free books, plz go to this site & download

G.H.A.M.Ranga10:23 March 29, 2010

Highly appreciated of your greate work and I wii use this as a teaching aid to poor trincomalee students.

Hiran06:00 March 19, 2010

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roshan10:01 March 18, 2010

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Samy19:29 November 1, 2009

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