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The Naked Scientists Online science radio show and science podcast is a BBC science radio programme. This site contains great articles on Science. Some of them are listed here:

The Science of Parasites

Alexandra Cheung

We tend to think of parasites as evolutionary cheats, surreptitiously taking advantage of their hosts’ hard work while they sit back and enjoy an easy life. But a closer look reveals that it’s not all sun and sangria…

Biomimetics: Borrowing from Biology

Becky Poole

Why re-invent the wheel when Nature has already come up with the best solution? Becky Poole explores the field of biomimetics – quite literally how engineers are borrowing from biology…

Bio-plastics: Turning Wheat And Potatoes into Plastics

Nick Heath

Mention plastics and most people think of polythenes, perspex and other oil-based nasties that never break down. But now there’s a new breed of plastics; they’re biodegradable and based on potatoes and other starchy crops…


Chris Muirhead

Superconductors are amazing materials whose resistance drops to zero when cooled. Chris looks at how they can be used to detect Pulsars, receive mobile messages, and make trains levitate.

Are we Getting Smarter?

Emma Jarvis

For the last 75 years the average IQ test score has been increasing in every industrialised country in the world. Are we really more intelligent than our grandparents?

How To Be A Wildlife Photographer

Tracey Rich



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